Gloria Victis

Commercial, Cosmostudio, Zbrush

Gloria Victis

Gloria Victis


is a 5 minutes short movie in which the action takes place at the Louvre Museum in the Cour Marly .
This movie by the technique of film editing of computer-generated images, paintings and film sequences seeks a reinterpretation of the History from the perspective of the vanquished.

Direction & Editing: Benjamin Bardou
Post-production: Jungler
Production Manager: Céline Hermann
HDR Timelapses: HyperFocal Design
Music: Dead Can Dance / The Host of Seraphim with the authorization of Universal Music Vision
Voice: For Ever Mozart by Jean-Luc Godard
Artists: Benoît Bernos, Vianney Durieux, Sun Limet, Virasay Lovan, Gwilherm Monin, Quentin Renet, Kilian Roy, Eddy Tavus, Margaux Vaxelaire
Special thanks to: Delphine Ankoudovitch, Alban Lelièvre, Mitch Pecqueur, Clément Aubay, Antoine Blancon, Inès Rouxel

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